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RSS - Really Simple Syndication


What Is RSS?


RSS Stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is a means by which websites can inform its readers to the new content on their sites. This can be just the latest headlines or article but can even be the latest media e.g. Picture, video or Audio.


RSS also enables websites to share their news, with other sites being able to display the RSS feed on their webpage’s. The website can also decide which bits of the feed they wish to display.


You can view RSS feeds by using an RSS reader. These can be web browser based or a small program that you can download for free. Both readers take the XML code and display the feed.


Why use RSS?


RSS allows you to keep you up to date with all your favourite sites, letting you know when new content has been uploaded. This is a great time saver and allows you to pick and choose the most interesting content to read.


To sign up to an RSS feed you can either drag and drop the RSS button on to the reader or you can click on the RSS button and then copy the url of the feed into you RSS reader.

There are two common RSS Feed Icons pictured Below  (RSS And the one on Railway Pictures)






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