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Designing your page layout


Most websites are laid out using tables. This website uses 5 cells, one for the heading at the top (header), one for the copyright at the bottom (footer), one on the left for the page buttons and one on the right for the adverts and links. The one in the centre is for the content.



Using Dynamic Web Templates.


This site uses a template system that is built into Microsoft FrontPage, which allows me to make one master template page, which can be imposed on new pages. When using this template system you are restricted to editing certain areas of the page, which have been selected in the master template.  For this site the editable regions are the page title and the content area in the centre cell. The advantage of using this system is that you only need to make changes to the template such as adding a new button link and you can apply it to all the pages in your website.



This Site

New Railway Modellers -

Model Railway Shop --

New Slotcar Modellers -

Model Scalextric Shop - Slot Car Shop - - F1, A1, Ralley, Road, Endurance, Touring Cars, Track, Parts, Spares

Railway Pictures -


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