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Website Building for Beginners


Build Your Own Website


New Website Designer is a beginners guild to building your first successful website, written by a beginner for a beginner.


This site will take you step by step through the process of designing and building your own website. Weather it be a personal interest website or a business website, you should find plenty of helpful advice and tips.


Choosing a Website Domain Name - The name of your site is very important. It needs to be remembered by people visiting your site so that they will come back. Ideally the name needs to describe the website or be the websites name. On this page you will find advice on how to pick the best domain name for you website.


Website Hosting - There are lots and lots of website hosting company’s, but how to choose one that is right for you. This page lists the things you should consider when buying Hosting for your website. It includes advice on how to choose hosting that is right for your website.


Website Design Programs - here I discuss the types of web design software that are available and their features. I also discuss my experience using software to build successful websites.


Website Development Modules / Packages - There are many free website packages which you can use to build your website. These packages are simply uploaded to your website and installed. Many websites combine third party software with normal html pages. Some are solely built around these packages. On this page I review some of the best free content management systems.


Useful Website Code - Pre written Website code can be dropped into a webpage to ad features such as "Make this page my Homepage" or "Add this page to my favourites".  This page has some of the most common useful website page code.


Webpage Setup - What you see when you view a website shows only part of the work you have to do to make a successful website. Behind the code is information that tells search engines about your site including A description of the site, a list of key search words about your site and copyright about the site to name a few. This page will discuss all the behind the seen's work you need to do when building a website.


Webpage Layout - Most websites are laid out using tables. This website uses 5 cells, one for the heading at the top (header), one for the copyright at the bottom (footer), one on the left for the page buttons and one on the right for the adverts and links. The one in the centre is for the content. The layout of your website will affect the way your content is displayed


RSS Feeds - RSS Stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is a means by which websites can inform its readers to the new content on their websites. This can be just the latest headlines or article but can even be the latest media e.g. Picture, video or Audio. 


Advertising Your Website - there are two basic options to you when advertising your website. The first is through exchanging website links. Most websites have links pages and most webmasters will be happy to exchange links as long as you are not a competitive website and have good enough content. Exchanging links benefits both website.


The other method is paid advertising. You can either negotiate a price with a webmaster to advertise on his website or you can sign up to advertising company who will find websites for you to advertise on. The largest and most well know is Google Adwords and Adsense.


Making Money From Your website - If you decide to make a website shop then how you can make money will be more obvious, but if you have an advice / Information website how do you make money from it. Well even the most basic information website can make money to at the very least pay for the hosting and domain name by allowing people to advertise on your website. This page covers everything from customising your ads colour to advert placement.


Webpage Style Sheets -


Increasing Your Website traffic -


World Wide Web Jargon Buster - this is a dictionary to define website terminology (words) that will be new to anyone just starting to build a website.


Link Exchange -


Writing Your Websites Terms And Conditions -







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